Embracing Ageless Beauty: Hair Extensions for the Fabulous 50s and Beyond

Gone are the days when hair extensions were seen as the exclusive domain of the young and restless. Olia Cutz, the visionary founder of The Extensionist, is debunking this myth with a powerful message of inclusivity and self-expression. “Hair extensions are not just for the young,” asserts Olia, challenging the outdated perceptions that have long dictated women’s choices about their appearance.

The modern woman over 50 is redefining beauty standards, proving that age is but a number when it comes to sporting luxurious locks. With societal norms evolving, more and more women in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s are confidently turning to hair extensions to add volume, length, and a touch of glamour to their everyday look. This article celebrates the ageless spirit of women who dare to embrace their desire for lush, vibrant hair at any stage of life. Let’s dive into the world of hair extensions for the over 50s, where the only rule is to look and feel fabulous.

“There is a perception that hair extensions, are just for the young but this is wrong.” Says Olia Cutz, the Founder of The Extensionist. “No longer are the days where older women feel like they have to cut hair short when they reach a certain age. There used to be so many hidden rules like you need to cut your hair once married or after children. No longer are 50 + year olds suddenly “too old for lush locks.” There is a change happening in society and people are embracing looking fabulous 50+. And this means more women 50+ are embracing extensions, we’ve even had 60+ and 70+  embracing hair extensions.”

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“There is also a perception that extensions are just for length, but extensions are for thickness as well. Most of the ladies 50+ come into the salon to add thickness to their hair styles. Women post 50+ predominately come up in for more hair to play with thickness wise but they are not ones to have hair down to their waist. They may want a boost in confidence to feel more glam. There may be feelings of loss of confidence following menopause, extensions can give someone feeling a little deflated a little boost. Best of all the Russian mini tapes and ultra mini bonds are totally unnoticeable in ones hair, hair extensions rarely get spotted.”

The Best hair extension methods for 50+

Olia says “We have numerous hair extension methods at THE EXTENSIONIST but we advice these two are best for 50+”

Exclusive ULTRA BOND Hair Extensions

ULTRA BONDS are hair extensions that have strands so tiny the bond is almost invisible. The bonds are applied meticulously, strand by strand, using a bespoke micro extension fusion machine specifically designed for the application of the tiny bonds. 


THE EXTENSIONIST have designed their own signature bespoke tapes for hair extensions.

“We care about the quality of tapes being used in the application method. Tape applications have been a method booming for several years in the UK.  Nearly every hair extensions supplier in the UK stock tapes. What is disappointing for us is that not all the companies care for the quality of the hair tapes and pretty much won’t give any guarantee after hair extensions are already applied. For that reason, we have decided to design our own signature tapes” says Olia Cutz.

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