Rush Academy’s After Dark 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Hair Trends

The Rush Academy has once again illuminated the path to cutting-edge hair fashion with its inaugural After Dark session of 2024. This event, a staple in the academy’s vibrant calendar, was a beacon of inspiration for over 120 Rush employees. Hosted by the esteemed International Creative Director Andy Heasman, the session was an interactive showcase of avant-garde styles and the latest industry trends. The Rush Artistic Team, under the spotlight, demonstrated their prowess, offering a unique platform for the academy’s rising stars to shine. With the guidance of seasoned experts like Tina Farey and Seung Ki Baek, the event was not just a display of talent but a collaborative journey of learning and creativity. Step into our recap of this electrifying evening where the future of hair styling unfolds.

Rush Colour Team members Kirsty Judge and Tina Mehmi showcased their Inverse techniques where they used contradicting colours to create a Ying Yang effect – opposing yet complimentary. Michael Racket’s precision cutting was on point with Rush signature haircutting techniques. For his first time at After Dark Robert Niemczyk’s  work was in true Rush style following their philosophy of Strength and Movement and featured a beautiful Inverse colouring technique on darker hair created by Hannah Gooden.

Renowned not only for their inspirational cutting and colouring techniques, Rush under Tina Farey’s guidance is also renowned for their editorial and avant garde looks.  At After Dark Sophie Chandler and Nicole Appadu worked on two looks that showed a variety of techniques including plaits and corset braids that had been used and developed from the Eras of Anarchy presentation that Rush did in Chicago and London towards the end of 2023.  The pieces they worked on were based on the Inverse colouring techniques with blue and orange wefts and blue and green wefts adding a pop of colour in an opposing colour scheme.

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Sophie Chandler said, “The secret of any cut, colour or styling technique is to understand the basics and practice until perfect. Understand your subject and the story you are telling with it – no matter what discipline you are working on.”

The attendees all left inspired and motivated by the work created by the art team, looking forward to the next After dark event in Autumn 2024.

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