March Highlights: A Day with Industry Leaders at The Fellowship Project Team

Project Men March 2024

In the bustling month of March, The Fellowship Project Team was abuzz with activity. Project Men & Media had the privilege of spending a day alongside Wahl’s UK Creative Director, Alan Beak, gaining insights and inspiration. Meanwhile, Project Sassoon immersed themselves in a day with their dynamic project leader, Kitty Latham, and the talented Assistant Creative Director from Sassoon’s London Academy. Let’s delve into the exciting encounters and creative exchanges that unfolded during these unique collaborations. Read more

February Fellowship Projects Round Up


t’s been a busy month for the Fellowship Project Teams as the ClubStar Art Team spent their Team Day with Former ClubStar Art Team Leader, Simon Tuckwell, Project Extend spent their day with Trichology Expert, Steven Goldsworthy and Project Sassoon spent their first team day with mentors, Sassoon’s very own, Kitty Latham and Pink Grubb. Read more

Fellowship for British Hairdressing Winners Luncheon 2024

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Attendees from all over the UK attended the lunch were welcomed by familiar faces from the Fellowship Executive Board and Head Office. Brought together by the Fellowship, the winners and medallists enjoyed an informal networking session followed by some welcome drinks before being welcomed by President Robert Eaton and Vice President Ashleigh Hodges. Read more