Fellowship Round Up for ClubStar Art and Project Colour Team Days

The world of hairdressing is vibrant and ever-evolving, with artists continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and skill. The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s ClubStar Art and Project Colour Team Days stand as a testament to this relentless pursuit of excellence. These events are not just about showcasing talent; they’re about community, learning, and the shared passion that drives the industry forward.

Join us as we delve into the highlights and behind-the-scenes moments from the latest ClubStar Art and Project Colour Team Days. From innovative techniques to the latest colour trends, we’ll explore how these gatherings are shaping the future of hairdressing and inspiring the next generation of stylists. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, prepare to be inspired by the sheer talent and artistry on display.

March was a busy month for the Fellowship projects, and April is set to be the same! ClubStar Art team spent their day with Marlon Hawkins, Artistic Director at Brooks & Brooks, whilst Project Colour spent their team day with ‘The Copper Queen’, Rachel Lomax.

ClubStar Art team

ClubStar Art team spent their day at Brooks & Brooks in London, with Artistic Director and Colour Specialist, Marlon Hawkins.

ClubStar Art team

This was a jam-packed day from start to finish! In the morning, Marlon provided an inspiring overview of his career to date and where his hairdressing journey has taken him, focusing on how to get a result from ideas. The afternoon was reserved for shooting a collection, pushing the team’s creativity.

Becky Hare comments: “We had a full-on day from start to finish.  For the morning, we took a dive into Marlon’s career and how he got to where he is now. He also taught us a formula to get a result from our ideas. We then went straight into shooting a collection based off back shots without any prep, making us work together sharing our creative visions. We created some great images, and we can’t wait to share them.”

Lauren Madin added: “What an inspiring day with Marlon Hawkins! To start the day, we learnt all about where his hairdressing journey started, then a little behind the scenes and preparation that has gone into his work! Then we went straight into building a collection, working as a team, using our creativity with Marlon’s guidance to create some incredible looks/photos! Amazing day!”

ClubStar Art Team Leader: Jamie Benny

ClubStar Art Team Support: Cameron Willetts

ClubStar Art Team:

  • Hanna Makukha, BTS Hair
  • Emma Beaven, Laura Leigh Hair
  • Ashleigh Thompson, Laura Leigh Hair
  • Harriet Bull, Tribe Clapham
  • Lauren Madin, Stephen Jon
  • Jessica Dennis, Tate Hair
  • Rebecca Hare, Brooks & Brooks
  • Molly Raynor, Hair By Molly

Project Colour

Project Colour spent their day at The Copper Academy in Thetford with ‘The Copper Queen’ herself, Rachel Lomax. Rachel is a national multi award-winning copper hair specialist and educator for a masterclass in all hair things coppers & reds.

Project Colour

The team spent time learning about the scientific makeup of natural red hair. The afternoon was reserved for being shown how to create reds and coppers using swatches to have to hand in the salon.

Kerry Bywater comments: “The Copper Queen Rachael is amazing. We learnt everything from the scientific makeup of natural red/Coppers, to creating the perfect copper for our clients. We spent the day experimenting with swatches and then recreating the looks on a training head. I personally gained so much from yesterday’s training as you just can’t find education on reds and Coppers, my mind was blown with the knowledge I gained, and I cannot wait to put it into practice!”

Amelia Krasinski comments: “Spending the day with Rachel/copper queen was absolutely amazing we all learnt so much and it made me totally look at coppers/reds in a different way. We all left with so much knowledge! Spending the morning learning the science behind coppers and all of Rachel’s tips and tricks to then spending the afternoon putting it to use!”

Project Colour Team Leader: Daniel Couch                                                                                                                                  

Project Colour Team Support: Morgan Graham

Project Colour Team Members:

  • Troy Boyd, Anthony Salon Salons
  • Claire Keith, Architect Hair Salons
  • Kerry Bywater
  • Kelly Evans, Neptune Studio
  • Lucy Wilding, Charlie Milz Hair
  • Kara Sanderson, Brooks & Brooks,
  • Karis Woodward, Karisamy Hair
  • Katie Andruszczak, Hair Directory
  • Daniella Fowler, Headmasters, Sutton
  • Emma Clark, Room 23
  • Dean Lawton Taylor, Clipso
  • Amelia Krasinski, KH Hair

The Concept Hair Learner of the Year competition

The Concept Hair Learner of the Year competition showcases the UK’s most promising hairdressing and barbering students. At the 2024 final, the atmosphere at Telford College on the 21st of March was electric, with 54 finalists from across the country coming together to flaunt their skill and artistry.

The finalists brought their A-Game to battle it out for their winning spot in their chosen category. The event is not just a competition, but a chance to celebrate the future stars of the industry and put a spotlight on their amazing creations. The event provides an opportunity for students to network, learn from industry-leading brands, and be inspired by their peers’ skills, vision, and talent. 

Damilola Durosinmi

The Fellowship is thrilled to announce that the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Foundation Award was awarded to Damilola Durosinmi from Walsall College. The Award was presented by upcoming Fellowship Hair President, Ashleigh Hodges.

Damilola Durosinmi said: When I was announced as the Fellowship Foundation Award winner, it was a real pinch me moment! It was my first time competing, I had worked so hard and put in a lot of effort, time, and prayers into my preparation – so to have been recognised openly and publicly was such a great blessing. I would like to say a massive thank you to Ashleigh and the judges, the Fellowship team, the sponsors, and everyone for this opportunity!”

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