March Highlights: A Day with Industry Leaders at The Fellowship Project Team

In the bustling month of March, The Fellowship Project Team was abuzz with activity. Project Men & Media had the privilege of spending a day alongside Wahl’s UK Creative Director, Alan Beak, gaining insights and inspiration. Meanwhile, Project Sassoon immersed themselves in a day with their dynamic project leader, Kitty Latham, and the talented Assistant Creative Director from Sassoon’s London Academy. Let’s delve into the exciting encounters and creative exchanges that unfolded during these unique collaborations.

Project Men & Media travelled to the Fellowship’s Centre of Excellence, Westrow Academy in Leeds to spend the day with Alan Beak, Wahl’s UK Creative Director, and assistant lead on Project Men & Media.

Project Men & Media
Project Men & Media

The team’s focus for the day was arranging a photoshoot and a hair demo on a live model.

Peter Healy comments: “Spending the day with Alan was a buzz I even graced the camera with my modelling skills. From striking poses to mastering social media tactics. Alan’s expertise is second to none, and getting a haircut from the man himself was the cherry on top. Fantastic day out.”

Kieran Martin comments: A Day of knowledge, pushing ourselves and planning out the future with Alan.  He shared his priceless knowledge with us and inspiring us to push ourselves on social media and with our skills! Can’t wait to start putting it in place for the future and start upping my game! Thank-you Fellowship, Alan and Simon for organizing this!”



  • Emma Herrieven, Hair & Co
  • Kieran Martin, Charter Cutting Co
  • Luke Ellis, Sink & Anchor
  • Megan Brand, Hair by Megan
  • Peter Healy, Sovereign Grooming
  • Connor Chesterton, Mr Barbers, Hertford & West Suffolk College

Project Sassoon Team Day with team leader and Sassoon’s Assistant Creative Director, Kitty Latham at the House of Sassoon in London.

This session was all about the cut! The team spent the morning with a cutting theory lecture, going through the fundamentals of ABC cutting in detail and showing the team how to draw headsheets.

Project Sassoon
Project Sassoon Team Day

The team then focused on Haircut 1, being shown how to blow dry the Sassoon way.

The afternoon focused on Haircut 2, giving the team an opportunity to recap their learnings from the day.

Joanna Jones comments: “I just had the best day Kitty, who took us through the concept of ABC cutting.  It was awesome, learned lots and looking forward to putting into action in the salon.”

Callum Bates-Siney comments: “Had a wonderful time with Kitty, what she doesn’t know about cutting hair! Had a wonderful time looking at the in depth of ABC cutting and different techniques. We then took that into an afternoon session and did the Sassoon ‘shake’ technique on our blocks. Learnt something super new and had such fun doing it. A huge Thank you to Kitty again.”

Sarah Dawes added: “The day began with Kitty explaining about the history of Vidal Sassoon and how he was a modernist – he didn’t like the way women did their hair. He went to the Bauhaus design school in Germany to study shape and architecture and he related this to shapes in hair. We learnt about technique and how A is for lines, B is for graduation C is for layers. Also, about Elevation, Tension and Cutting Angles and how shapes in hair are round, square, or triangular. Then had fun cutting a long-layered Shake haircut using our new theory knowledge, really loved the day! Ooh also wrap drying!! Thank you, Project Sassoon.”

PROJECT TEAM LEADERS:  Kitty Latham & Pink Grubb

  • Ellie Rider, Collective Studios
  • Joanna Jones, The Empress & Co
  • Callum Bates-Siney, William & Mary Hair & Beauty
  • Bela Nunes, Quay Street Collective Hairdressing
  • Marcos Garcia, Tonics
  • Cheryl Poulter
  • Rosa Nockles Moore, DK UK
  • Kaitlyn White, Trinder Hair Studios
  • Sarah Dawes, West Suffolk College

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