Exclusive ULTRA BOND Hair Extensions launch in the UK

The Extensionist is a leading and award-winning hair extensions salon specialising in hair extensions on a day-to-day basis, and they are now launching their ULTRA BONDS to the UK.

ULTRA BOND extensions
ULTRA BOND extensions

ULTRA BONDS are hair extensions that have strands so tiny the bond is almost invisible. The bonds are applied meticulously, strand by strand, using a bespoke micro extension fusion machine specifically designed for the application of the tiny bonds.  Unlike other London salons, The Extensionist allows clients to reuse bonds, paving the way for innovation. Reusing bonds is a big money saver for clients. Clients pay for reapplication every 3-4 months instead of purchasing new sets of hair regularly. The hair can also be reused for 1-year plus. The pandemic has been demanding on many things, including salons and hair. There is now a surge in the demand for hair extensions. This demand is growing every year, making hair more expensive. With The Extensionist, is it solace to know that the hair you are initially paying for can be reused. The Extensionist is the sustainable way to have hair extensions.

Model with hair extensions
Model with hair extensions from The Extensionist

There are many benefits to ULTRA BONDS hair extensions. ULTRA BONDS are so lightweight and never pull-on clients’ natural hair, meaning they are inclusive to those who have finer hair. 90% of customers with short fine hair may get turned away for hair extensions in other salons. The Extensionist ULTRA BONDS offer wow results. The smallness of the strands means the extensions can be applied very high on the client scalp, resulting in a perfectly seamless blend. Clients can wear their hair however they desire, down or up in a sky-high ponytail with no fret of seeing the bonds poking through the hair. Fear not for exercise (not because of your hair at least) as the ULTRA BONDS are perfect, lightweight extensions for those who want to exercise daily. Clients will be leaving the salon with a natural look that no one can believe is enhanced with the help of some EXTENSIONIST magic. Hair colouring and hair damage often go hand in hand. Instead of bleaching hair with highlights, you can use ULTRA BONDS to highlight or low light clients’ hair. The smart way to colour hair as often as you wish without damage.

“We love to be innovative at THE EXTENSIONIST, we love to be disruptors and launch new techniques to the market.  Our ULTRA BOND extensions are having amazing reviews.” – Olia Cutz

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