These 5 Bob Hairstyles Will Make You Look Fabulous in 2024

New research has revealed the five most wanted bob hairstyles of 2024, with the bubble bob coming top of the list.

To predict which trends are going to take 2024 by storm, Ripe Hair & Beauty analysed the popularity of 30 different bob styles using Google search volume data, before comparing the results year-on-year to reveal which are seeing the biggest growth in interest.

Bobs have been everywhere in 2023, with multiple celebrities and influencers showcasing shorter styles on red carpets and Instagram feeds alike – and it seems the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Bubble bob (+1,300%)

The bubble bob sits between the chin and shoulders and is characterised by a rounder shape that curves underneath at the ends. The bouncy, more voluminous take on the bob has already been seen on celebrities such as Zendaya and Kristen Bell and is set to be 2024’s most requested style at salons nationwide, with interest surging by a huge 1,300% in just 12 months.

Micro bob (+243%)

Also seeing a huge boost in popularity is the micro bob, which is (as the name suggests) an ultra-short version of the classic cut. It can be styled various ways and sits just at the cheekbone – making it both extremely wearable and suitable for a wide range of hair types. Lily Allen has been an advocate of the micro-bob throughout 2023, and it seems that she won’t be the only one, with interest for the cut increasing by +243% year-on-year.

Box bob (+129%)

The box bob is modern take on the timeless style, characterised by its short, sharp cut and super blunt ends – giving it a square box-like shape that’s anything but square. It’s been a recent staple for Hailey Bieber, making it one of the hit trends of the year, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down into 2024 with searches for the style increasing by +120% in 12 months.

Nineties bob (+116%)

The 90s are a forever-cited reference in fashion and beauty trends – and this nostalgic cut is a love-letter to the era. It’s a swishy, full style that takes inspiration from the ultimate 90s supermodels, requiring both subtle layers and a big blow-dry to achieve its voluminous glory. The cut has been worn by multiple celebrities this year including Kourtney Kardashian and Aubrey Plaza, and with interest growing by +116%, we may be set to see it more widely too.

Italian bob (+85%)

The Italian bob, which has been gaining huge traction on TikTok in recent months, seems set for a return – with searches for the style seeing a +85% increase in the last year. The Italian bob is chin-skimming in length and is slightly less defined at the end than other cuts, making it lighter and much easier to wear as a result. Simona Tabasco is the celebrity poster girl for the Italian bob, with a voluminous, face framing style that is oh-so-chic.

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