Lea Shaw’s colour, cut and styling trends for 2024

Lea Shaw has been in the industry for over 20 years, originally working as a barber before opening her own award-winning salon, Rural Fringe Hair in Hampshire, 10 years ago where she has become a colour specialist and educator.

Over the years, she has worked on various hair shows, fashion weeks, competitions, campaigns, and creative photographic collections. She has trained with some of the world’s leading hairdressers like Angelo Seminara, Rob Eaton, Larisa Love and Jack Howard with her career highlight being the winner of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Project Colour. 

Who better to ask for their predictions on the colour, cut and styling trends for 2024?

With 2024 on the horizon, I want to go through some cut and colour trends that will be seen everywhere in the new year.


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I think colourblocking is going to continue to grown into 2024 and I think you’ll probably see it in blonde experimenting and they will be in the form of the chunky 90s panels in more muted and metallic shades rather than your super vibrant colours from last year.

I also think global colours are going to be popular with more solid reds – think cherry, wine and berry. Brunettes will be on the rise aswell, especially expresso and lastly coppers too in amber and amaretto.

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In terms of blondes, they have been warm this year, and I think that might start shifting towards the more icy tones again and the rawer blondes – what TikTok is calling “buttercream” and “linen blonde.”

Cut & Styling

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Cut wise I think it’s going to continue getting shorter and more layered kind of like Cameron Diaz early naughties. At fashion week this year there was loads of really strong embellished accessories which I can already see creeping in. Also beachy glam waves seem to be on the out with more natural texture on the rise, which I love.

These are all of my trend forecasts for the new year which I am certain you will be seeing everywhere.

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