Bubble Bob: The Bouncy and Bubble-Like Haircut Trend for 2023

Bobs have been THE haircut trend of 2023 and for spring/summer one bob trend in particular is soaring – the bubble bob.

The bubble bob is just like it sounds – a bob that mimics the shape of a bubble! Compared to the normal, classic bob, the bubble bob is a lot more bouncy, rounded and bubble-like.

Tina Farey
Tina Farey

Tina Farey, Rush Editorial Director explains how to…


bubblebob style
Bubble Bob Cut: Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/veneresalon/

The cut should be bluntly to give it a thicker appearance and have some long layers to add body and movement to the style.

The front section should almost appear graduated, with slightly longer face framing pieces cascading and hitting the chin.

Styling this cut correctly is essential. I would advise using a round brush and hairdryer to add further bounce and volume to the style and to help flick the ends in to the chin. Should you like to add even further body, you can also go in with some velcro or heated rollers, focussing on the top of the hair.

To finish the look, I always love to use a shine spray to give hair that glossy, bubble like look. the Goldwell StyleSign Diamond Gloss Shine Spray is one of my favourites which can be sprayed on dry hair to perfect the look, giving hair a high shine and banishing any frizz.

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