Introducing Classifieds Classifieds: The Place to Buy and Sell Anything Hairdressing Related

Are you looking for a new pair of scissors, a salon chair, or a hairdressing course? Or maybe you have some hairdressing items or services that you want to sell or offer to others? If so, you’re in luck!, the UK’s leading online magazine for hairdressers and salon owners, has just launched a new Classifieds service where you can post free and premium classified adverts for anything hairdressing related. Classifieds is the perfect place to reach thousands of readers who are interested in hairdressing. Whether you want to buy or sell products, equipment, furniture, books, courses, jobs, or anything else related to hairdressing, you can find it on Classifieds. You can also browse through the adverts posted by other users and contact them directly through the website.

Posting an advert on Classifieds is easy and fast. You can choose between a free advert or a premium advert that will give you more exposure and features. A free advert will allow you to post up to 3 photos and a description of your item or service, and it will be live for 30 days. A premium advert will cost £50 (inc VAT) and it will allow you to post up to 10 photos and a video, and will be live for 90 days. It will also be featured on the social media accounts of and in the newsletter that goes out to up to 10,000 subscribers.

To start posting your adverts on Classifieds, all you need to do is click here:

You can then fill in the details of your advert, upload your photos or video, and choose your payment option if you want a premium advert. Once your advert is approved by our team, it will go live on the website and be seen by thousands of potential buyers or sellers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to buy and sell anything hairdressing related on Classifieds. It’s the ultimate online marketplace for hairdressers and salon owners. Visit today and start posting your adverts! 🙌

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