The Lonely Boss Lady, Tina Hollis Announces FREE Salon Owners Event

Tina Hollis is an award-winning and hugely successful salon owner, with a waiting list of up to 12 months and a happy, thriving team. She also runs The Lonely Boss Lady, a coaching service for hair and beauty businesses.

Tina is hosting a free online get together on MONDAY MAY 22, 7-8PM, for hair and beauty salon owners, offering her 6 steps to success alongside a support network for salon owners who might be feeling stressed and alone in their business.

Tina says,

“As a salon owner it’s sometimes easy to get lost in the day to day running and issues that come up with staff and everything else. We sometimes forget why we started our business and where we want it to go. I’m going to be hosting a good old fashioned get together where I’ll give my six steps to success – these are the six things that salon owners can implement quickly for immediate results – and then ask me anything. It also enables salon owners to feel supported, as it can be exhausting and lonely being the boss!”



Tina Hollis
Tina Hollis


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