The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project Sassoon Team Day

Project Leader Damien Peers and Riess Hatcher took the team through a Creative Focus Day at the beautiful House by Keune Academy by Bloom in London.

A new Fellowship for British Hairdressing Project Team for 2023, Project Sassoon, an exciting project designed for team members to take their craft and skills to another level and is aimed at hairdressing professionals who are serious about their hair cutting, colouring and styling skills.

During the Creative Focus Day with Damien and Riess, the Project Sassoon Team were taught a great range of techniques. This includes disconnection layers and reverse layers using doll heads to practise and perfect their skills. Techniques which they have since took back to their salon and used on clients.

Cheryl Poulter comments:

We had a fantastic day working on cutting disconnections, the Sassoon way! Damien really opened our minds to some different ways of disconnecting hair, some techniques soft and seamless, others more dramatic. Reverse layering was a new idea for me, and I loved it. Such a privilege to be working with Damien and with such a lovely team.”





  • Alex Cook, Wispers Hair
  • Luke Logan, Tribe Salons
  • Cheryl Poulter, Haringtons
  • Cameron Willetts, Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing
  • Justine Weir, Tweedie & Marshall Hairdressing
  • Leanne Chester, Brendan O’Sullivan Hair & Beauty
  • Lydie Hollywell, Griffins

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing is an independent, non-political organisation run by members, for members. It aims to support hairdressers, celebrate creative excellence and promote the industry to the wider world. The Fellowship also offers various educational and inspirational opportunities for its members, such as masterclasses, workshops, projects, events and awards. If you are interested in joining the Fellowship, you can visit their website or call them at 01295 724579

Project Sassoon is a new project for 2023 by the Fellowship for British Hairdressing. Project Sassoon is a unique opportunity for hairdressers to learn from the legendary Sassoon Academy, which is known for its cutting-edge techniques and creative vision. The project team are led by a team leader and will have access to four Sassoon courses of their choice, as well as other benefits such as mentoring, networking and exposure.

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