Which Beard Style Suits Me

Having a beard can alter your appearance dramatically, so when deciding what is the best beard style to have, you should make your choice carefully. To choose the best beard style for your face you need to focus on two things: the tools you use and the shape of your face. If you’re investing in your appearance, this means investing in the right grooming kit, electric shaver, type of foam, and beard oil, taking the time to pick a style that compliments your features.

Beard styles for round faces

beard round face
Full Beard – Photo by Nonsap Visuals on Unsplash

The defining features of a round face are a wide hairline and fullness in the cheeks, which gives a wide appearance of the face. Consequently, this means the beard you choose needs to give you a chiselled appearance. The best beards for this type of style are the classic full beard.
The full beard, as the name suggests, requires thick facial hair that covers your sideburns, chin, cheek, and moustache area.1 This beard requires minimal styling, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t let your beard grow too wildly, or it will become too distracting. You want this beard to give your rounded face shape some cutting definition, not overwhelm your face.

Beard styles for square faces

beard square face
Stubble is best for square faces. Photo by Fabio Henning on Unsplash

Typically, those with a square-shaped face have prominent jaws and cheekbones, which create an angular appearance. The best beard style for this face shape is a stubble, and according to Ready Sleek, “a stubble refers to any length of facial hair that’s less than 5mm long.”

So, for the square-shaped face, this can be a thick stubble, a light stubble, or the perfect in-between. A full beard or any thick beard would cover up the angular elements of the square-shaped face, whereas a stubble helps to define the face and give a more rugged look. So, grab your electric shaverand shave to your preferred length!

Beard styles for triangular faces

: A black and white image of a man with a long beard
A full beard is a magnificent thing. Photo by christian buehner on Unsplash

The triangular face is also known as the heart-shaped face, and the defining features of this face shape are wide cheekbones and a pointed chin. Since this face shape combines the wideness of a round-face shape and the angularity of a square-shaped face, your options for a beard style are endless. You can go for any type of stubble, you can go for the classic full beard, or you can go for the clean-shaven look as well.

However, a popular beard choice for the triangular face shape is a long, full beard, also known as “the Olde English”. This beard style requires the facial hair to fill out the most on your chin, as this will accentuate the angular features. This beard style also requires a maintained thickness that gives the beard a full look, which helps add definition to the wider parts of your face structure.

Your Face – Your Style

Whether you want a stubble, a full beard, or something in between, this article will help you find the best beard style for your face shape.

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