Hairstyles for Men with Beards

Finding the right hairstyles to match one of your personal best beard styles can be a challenging task. There are many factors that need to be a considered, such as the face shape, the density of your hair, and what makes you feel the most comfortable. When making the decision for which hairstyle matches your beard style best, the most important thing to remember is that the best hairstyles are the ones that complement your beard styles for an overall aesthetic look. Once you’re happy with one—beard or hair—it’ll be much easier to find the other.  

So, this article touches upon a couple of guidelines to follow when finding the right hairstyle to match your beard and your look.

The best hairstyle for thick beards

drew hays agGIKYs4mYs unsplash

When asking people what they think the best beard style is, most of them will likely say a full beard. This beard will take up a large portion of the face, it usually leaves some clean-shaven cheeks to be visible. With beard styles like this, which are noticeably thick, you need to be able to balance it out with your hairstyle. This is when ‘Brush-Up’ hairstyles are a popular choice.

The ‘Brush-Up’ hairstyle involves having the hair styled upwards with the sides cut short to create volume. This hairstyle is perfectly matched to a thick beard as it will give your face a symmetrical look and creates the right balance between thick hair and a thick beard.

The best hairstyle for short beards

A man with a short beard and long hair

The difference between a stubble and a short beard has everything to do with length. According to Ready Sleek, “a stubble refers to any length of facial hair that’s less than 5mm long.” This means that a stubble is pretty short, and for some thinner beards, barely visible unless looking closely.

Short beards, on the other side, are thicker and longer than a stubble, but still more contained in terms of length when compared to a full beard. This difference in length opens the option to go for a longer hairstyle. This can be medium length hair, with a variety of styles from beach waves to top knots. Whatever you choose, the long length of your hair will help frame your face and your short beard.


The best hairstyle for a scruff or a stubble look

A man wearing a tight white t-shirt with a stubble with styled hair

Beards are sometimes deliberately kept short or just as a scruff or stubble to create a rugged looking appearance. Since the scruff or stubble beard style aims to appear somewhat unkempt, it is best to go for a hairstyle that is tame and neat to create a cohesive look to your appearance. Popular hairstyles can be styled curls, shorter brush-ups, or tousled short hair.

The best hairstyle all-around

Side-profile of a man with a slicked-back undercut.

If you want to play it safe, there is one hairstyle that has been known to be universally appealing to most beard styles: the slicked-back undercut. The reason this haircut is considered applicable to most beard styles is because of the way the hair is cut. To have this hairstyle the length of your undercut should match the length of your beard. This then creates an evenness to your look, and for those who have thinner or thinning hair this will also give the illusion of having thicker and more voluminous hair.

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