Longevity Grey Hair Trend

The silver stigma we once knew has become a thing of past and is now a statement of confidence, coolness, and a mark of a life well lived. Hurrah!

Today you will find almost 3 million Instagram hashtags for “greyhair” a further 500k for “greyhairdontcare” almost 150k for “greyhairmovement” and a whopping 2.8 million for silverhair. Pinterest has reported an uptick in searches for ‘going grey’ and there’s even a trending ‘grombre’ a word to describe growing out your natural grey roots, a la Michelle Visage.

Actress Salma Hayek and Supermodel Icon Kate Moss have been celebrating their silver strands with Salma calling her greys her ‘white hair of wisdom’. Ru Paul’s Drag Race Michelle Visage has gone back to her roots with the most striking shade of silver against her signature rich midnight black. Grey is even being embraced by Gen Z’s who are rapidly updating their platinum blondes to cooler shades of silver and grey.

We ask the experts their silver slaying advice:

Becky Sutherland OSMO Ambassador

Becky Sutherland, OSMO Ambassador says:  If a client wants to embrace their natural grey immediately, a stylist can look to remove any previous colour and then match a grey colour to their client’s natural grey.  I’d advise mixing a few different shades of grey, so it’s looking more natural look and a softer colour blend, which will allow the natural root to grow out and achieve the end goal of a natural grey. This part of the process will take the longest, however, once the perfect grey base has been created, each salon visit afterwards, will take less time. Another option for clients wishing to go grey is to simply grow it out. This is a far longer process but you won’t be stripping colour.  Growing colour out can take a good 6 months, if not longer, so they’ll need to be in the long haul with this option.  They may want to try a few hair-up styles, wear more hats, or maybe even consider cutting their hair shorter, so it’s not so long and arduous to grow it out. 

When it comes to styling your grey hair, Becky says:

Natural grey hair is coarser as there is less pigment in each strand and the hair follicle produces less sebum too. Naturally grey hair may feel dry, brittle, and unruly.

  • To overcome this, think about your care products and opt for a high moisturising shampoo like OSMO Silverising Shampoo (£8.70) & Conditioner (£8.90) is sulphate free and is effective in enhancing silver tones in grey hair or the OSMO  Deep Moisture Shampoo (£9.40) Deep Moisture Conditioner (£10.60) that uses the mega-moisturising hero ingredient, Pataua Oil to leave hair feeling silky, smooth, and manageable. Also, ensure you recommend a weekly treatment, like the OSMO Intense Deep Repair Mask (£6.70) once a week to provide the hair with the extra salvation it needs.
  • When styling, we all know it’s important to protect against heat, so always ensure recommending a heat protector like the OSMO Blowdry Potion (£9.30), which has been designed to thicken and support hair, contains Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5 to moisturise, dry damaged hair and smooth the cuticle. It really helps give an effortless blow-dry experience, creating lift and lustre, and reducing friction and breakages caused by heat styling. Your client’s hair is left shiny and static free too.

Becky also adds:

If you are not ready to go grey – but want to experiment with the grey look.  The OSMO Color Revive Steel Grey (£17.50) is a great cheat product to add colour, condition, and gloss to your hair.  The 100% vegan Steel Grey OSMO® Colour Revive® has a super-fast 3-minute processing time and can be applied to pre-bleached blonde hair for a striking grey result. To order OSMO for your salon contact: www.osmo.uk.com

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