Dannielle Carr – Inspirational Collection

Presenting the latest inspiring Women’s hair collection by Dannielle Carr from Edinburgh, UK

Danielle Carr Hairdressing is a bespoke award-winning hair salon with locations in Newington and Morningside, both in Edinburgh, Scotland. Let me introduce you to the talented Dannielle Carr, the driving force behind this thriving business.

Dannielle Carr, the Managing Director, founded Danielle Carr Hairdressing in September 2007. Her journey in the hairdressing industry began in 1995 when she worked at a fantastic salon in Edinburgh. It was there that she discovered her flair and passion for hair. Since then, she has dedicated herself to creating personalized looks that enhance her clients’ natural beauty.

The Dolls

“The Dolls” is influenced by contemporary trends and commercial aesthetics, which infuse our images with dynamic movement and texture, thereby making them come alive.

Art Team

Danielle Carr
Emma Welsh
Jade Tainsh
Kim Blackley
Naomi Stanley

Photo @johnrawson
Assisted by @pablono1
Post production by Hume Retouch
Clothing stylist @jamie russell
Make up @ lucy flower

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