New Hairstyles Collection from Charm

Charm Hair Collection

The collection is called “Charm 4 Seasons”.

Meris P describes the work as “Spring, summer, autumn and winter have been predicted as merging and changing cycles of a whole. Just as the most beautiful poetry is woven from verses, just as day and night alternate. Just as love brings out the best in us, artistic freedom is an indispensable part of our work.

Art surrounds us and has different forms, it’s just important to recognize, accept and respect it.”

The Charm 4 Seasons collection will be shown at several world competitions, and the first stop is Amsterdam. See more of their work at and

Flowers from Hair

Everything you see here is created from hair – Just as a painter carefully draws each stroke with a brush, so Charm very precisely and devotedly dyed strand by strand, cut and tied the hair into flowers using a special technique.

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