Sobering Advice for Christmas Parties

After two years of pandemic-related restrictions and uncertainty, work Christmas parties are making a comeback. 

With no restrictions to consider this year, it’s important to keep your parties PG! 

Otherwise, your employees could wake up with more than just a hangover… 

One of the most common party regrets is getting a little too friendly with a co-worker. An industry survey found that 45% of people have locked lips with a colleague! 

Statistics like this can cause some HR professionals to shudder at the thought of what could go wrong. 

It can be easy for parties to go awry, but reminding your employees that the party is still an extension of the workplace, will help to act as a deterrent. 

The survey found that 58% of employees intend not to drink too much, so those numbers may provide some comfort.  

Before letting your employees celebrate the festive season, ensure you make it clear what behaviour is unacceptable and the consequences of breaching your policies. Employers are responsible for employee’s behaviour – even at out-of-work events. 

Also, avoid discussing things such as salary, performance, and career prospects with your employees at the party.  

There have been incidents where promises that have been made to an employee whilst under the influence of alcohol have been upheld by employment tribunals, even when the employer did not intend for this to be the case. 

But most importantly, make sure you and your team can eat, drink and be merry (within reason!). 

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