West Suffolk College Open Evening for Salon Owners

With the industry showing no sign of slowing down, the Fellowship for British Hairdressing prides itself on being part of the new generation of hairdressers, working closely with salons and colleges alike in order to breathe new air into the industry and actively promote the guide the next line of stylists and individuals who will form part of the industry or years to come.

The Fellowship’s very first Centre of Excellence, West Suffolk College, was the location of choice for an exclusive open evening, where local salons and business owners within the hair and beauty industries were invited along to find out about the partnership between the Fellowship and the College and how they plan to work together to give those in education the best start within the industry.

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing
The Fellowship for British Hairdressing

Fellowship Chairman Barry Stephens joined fellow Board Members Simon Shaw and Andrew Barton and West Suffolk’s College Marnie Randall to network and discuss the very first Centre of Excellence and what this entails. The session gave prospective employers the chance to find out about the educational process and standards set by the Fellowship, how this impacts the new generation of stylists and how they wish to work closer with local colleges and salons as they progress through the next few years.

The panel also invited a discussion with the Heads of Departments and asked for feedback on how they can bridge the gap between the colleges and the workplace – to ensure standards remain high at all times whilst also discussing any pressing topics within the industry.

The event was a networking session, discussion and fantastic information evening allowing those from every part of the industry the chance to come together and share their thoughts, opinions within the hairdressing industry.

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