Making Waves – Mermaidcore

With summer on the horizon, we’re going under the sea, as the Mermaidcore aesthetic has made waves throughout the beauty world.

Mermaidcore has become this season’s muse, since the live action remake of The Little Mermaid, starring Halle Bailey, made a splash at the box office with a $117.5 million debut.

From effortless beach waves, to wet look hair, to mermaid braids, Top One Hair and Beauty have revealed the most so-fish-ticated trends to channel your inner Ariel.

Mermaidcore: Trending hairstyles of the summer


No. of hashtag views


Global search increase %

Mermaid Braids

3.1 million


Mermaid Waves

60.6 million


Hair Jewels

4 million


Slick-back Hairstyle

66.4 million


Wet Look Hair

19.3 million


*Global search increase stats taken from March – June 2023 from Google trends, figures correct as of June 2023

  1. Mermaid Braids – 3.1 million views

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Via: Instagram @hallebailey

Mermaid braids have us all hook, line and sinker, and we’re 100% here for those dreamy locks. Halle Bailey took the world by storm with her red braid debut whilst playing the part of Ariel, and the trend has since seen a whopping 9900% increase in global searches since The Little Mermaid trailer debut, and boasts 3.1 million TikTok views. This look will have you feeling truly fin-tastic.

  1. Mermaid Waves – 60.6 million views

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Via: Instagram: @khloekardashian

If you haven’t seen TikTok fuelling inspo for mermaid waves all over your feed yet, where have you been? The platforms take on the classic beach wave is here to stay, and we’re in love with its free-flowing nature. With over 60.6 million TikTok views for the hashtag and a 147.2% increase in search interest in the last 3 months, this effortless look is certainly dominating the goddess of the sea aesthetic.

  1. Hair Jewels – 4 million views

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Via: Instagram: @aliciakeys

Dip into your treasure trove of jewels, pearls and thingamabobs to live out your ultimate mermaid fantasy. Although this might not necessarily be a look for every day, it’s sure to steal the show for any special event. The aesthetic boasts over 4 million TikTok views and a Google search increase of 54.2% since The Little Mermaid trailer dropped.

  1. Slick Back Hairstyle – 66.4 million views

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Via: Instagram @zendaya

Although the beauty world has been fully submerged in the slick-back wet hair look for decades, the trend has raked up a 41.2% global increase in searches since The Little Mermaid trailer was released in March 2023, as well as 66.4 million TikTok views. Celebrities such as Zendaya, Lizzo and Emily Ratajkowski have sported the beach-inspired look, and honestly? We’re obsessed.

  1. Wet Look Hair – 19.3 million views

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Via: Instagram @lizzobeeating

What better way to channel your inner mermaid than with glossy wet-look hair? If you simply love the way your hair looks when you emerge gracefully from the water, apply a shiny hair oil or super strength gel to get a wet look and keep the hair in place. The trend has seen a 33.3% increase in searches this year, with over 19.3 million TikTok views.

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