Rock & Ruddle Create New Brush for Wet Hair

Alexandra & Jackie launched Rock & Ruddle 10 years ago this autumn with the aim of creating a unique hairbrush that featured both amazing designs and top quality brush qualities to care for your hair and to detangle without pulling. The company has grown from strength to strength offering more lovely designs each year.

Alexandra says “We make sure to listen to our customers and it became clear in recent times that customers were asking for a brush to use especially with wet hair and a comb for creating a very long style which is so popular at the moment. Hence the launch of our Shower Power Brush and Beach Wave comb!”

Shower Power Brush

rock and ruddle shower power brush 9
  • Excellent for evenly distributing your favourite conditioning product throughout your hair
  • Massages and stimulates the scalp which encourages hair growth
  • Detangles wet hair gently and efficiently
  • Ideal for using on wet hair during regular hair washing or in the shower

Beach Wave Comb

RockRuddle 117
  • Detangles wet hair gently and efficiently
  • Great for hair styling of all kinds
  • Perfect for creating bouncy beach waves when used during drying

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