Your daily hair habits and woes revealed by your star sign

Beauty enthusiasts are in for a treat as it turns out that our hair could be influenced by the universe’s energy, with each star sign experiencing differences in styles and go-to maintenance tips. So why not let the stars guide you to perfect hair?
Wella has teamed up with an expert astrologer and surveyed over 2,000 US respondents to create an all-inclusive guide that caters to not only your zodiac sign’s distinct qualities and traits but also your Sun, moon, and rising signs.

For example

“Cancer is associated with the Moon and the water element. Individuals born under this sign are known for their sensitivity and emotional nature. Unlike other zodiac signs, they tend to be less receptive to change, as demonstrated by fellow cancer Pamela Anderson, who has maintained her iconic hairstyle for many years.”

The research also includes these findings:

– Taurus signs the most picky: 64% not fully happy with their locks
– 1 in 10 Virgos use hair tools every day
– Only 4% Sagittarians could go a month without washing their hair

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it’s a fun read. Head over to

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