Successful Salon Stylist Secrets

A successful salon stylist combines the best of several worlds. Firstly, technical proficiency is PARAMOUNT! They have to know their way around hair, have a deep understanding of various cutting, colouring, and styling techniques, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

Continuous education is imperative in this industry, with fashion trends and techniques frequently changing they have to stay on top of their game in order to succeed – however this can come with a lot of pressure.

They consider everything an opportunity for education. Found a spare five minutes in their day? They watch a colleague finish their haircut. Scrolling on their phone in the evenings? They watch a YouTube tutorial on a technique they don’t feel confident in instead or create colour inspiration Instagram folders to show their clients. Watching TV with their partner? They pick out three hairstyles or colours from the cast and practice those on a mannequin head when they get to work.

Education doesn’t always have to mean booking an expensive course that requires travel and time out of the salon, they utilise the inspiration around them so that they are always learning!

But that’s not all – they’ve also got to be a great listener and talker. Understanding what their clients want and making sure they’re on the same page is vital. Effective communication is key. The ability to actively listen to their clients’ preferences helps create a personalised and satisfying salon experience.

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Good communication also aids in providing accurate advice and managing client expectations. Building strong relationships is crucial for client retention and word-of-mouth referrals. A successful stylist fosters a welcoming and comfortable environment: making clients feel valued is how they keep them coming back for more hair adventures.

If they’re anything like the author, they sometimes struggle to remember which client was going on holiday with their family or which client told them they were moving house. Because of this, one of their top tips is to USE THE NOTES!

Utilising the notes section in their booking system for each client is a great way to leave themselves reminders from each appointment, starting with a colour record and finishing with the key points of their conversations that day even to how they take their coffee. Then, when the client returns for their follow up appointment they will be armed with memorable information to help make their experience personalised and special. This will make the client feel important, that they’ve taken the time to remember details about them and helps to further build their relationship and customer service experience.

Taking all of the above into consideration, they believe the most important tool to ensure a thriving career is time management. It’s not just about knowing how to wield a pair of scissors or mix colours – it’s about orchestrating a symphony of appointments, style transformations, and customer satisfaction within the confines of a ticking clock.

Balancing multiple appointments! A successful stylist’s day is often a jigsaw puzzle of appointments, each with its unique set of demands and expectations. From consultations to actual services and managing the flow of clients while ensuring each one feels attended to and valued requires a deft touch. It’s like being the conductor of a bustling salon orchestra, where every note (appointment) must be hit just right. However, this can be made even more easy for them if they have an effective salon software system like iSalon.

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Maintaining punctuality: Time is money, and in the salon world, it’s also a measure of professionalism. Punctuality isn’t just about showing up on time; it’s about keeping the entire schedule on track. When clients trust that their appointment times will be honoured, it contributes to a positive salon experience and in return encourages them to be punctual to them. They make sure they have allocated themselves enough time for each service, have they considered the time to take photos or social media footage of their clients finished result? They are prepared, there’s nothing worse than keeping a client waiting because they’ve squeezed too much in! Being consistently punctual establishes credibility and demonstrates respect for clients’ time.

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On the back of this, are they pricing correctly? If they know Mrs Smith always takes them an extra 15 minutes because she has hair down to her knees, they charge for it! That’s 15 minutes less that they can fit another service in. Their prices should coincide with their timings to ensure they are earning fairly for the work they are creating. Creating a service button on their booking system called ‘Extra Time’ can help them to price accordingly for those slightly larger jobs. It creates a simplified supplement that they can add on at the point of sale per 15 minutes extra needed, and it will show in the client’s appointment history so that their receptionist can see that they need to find them a space large enough to have that service in the future.

Creating a smooth flow: Effective time management doesn’t just benefit the stylist; it also ensures that the salon operates like a well-oiled machine. Smooth transitions between appointments minimise disruptions, allowing clients to enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish. This creates an environment where clients can relax, trust the process, and leave the salon feeling pampered. They hate dead space in their column, because of this they only offer times that ensure their appointments can be stacked back-to-back. If they have a whole afternoon free in six weeks’ time, they don’t let the client pick a random spot in the middle, they calculate what they can fit around that appointment, or they simply offer the next available slot that will keep their day efficiently stacked. Having a good knowledge of their service times helps to maintain a fully booked column!

The success of a stylist comes down to these main points:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Education
  3. Communication
  4. Time Management
  5. Productivity!

Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy
Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy

With thanks to Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy, Senior Stylist, Colour Specialist, Educator, Salon Manager Goldsworthys Hairdressing. Follow her on Insta at @sophierose_golds

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