Dry Hair Remedies

Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional Global Brand Ambassador provides his top tips on reducing the effects of central heating on your hair

With our central heating on this winter, this can make our hair look and feel drier and more damaged. With a big reduction in humidity, moisture is removed from the hair and scalp and this can lead to hair looking a bit flat, when paired with heat from the room it can encourage your hair to look frizzy as there is a lack of normal moisture in the hair.

However, there are several things that can do to reverse this of course:


Shampoo and Conditioner

This is the simplest one and often most effective, focusing on the basics is a great way to get your hair back on track. A great moisturising combination here will really help the condition and tame any dry damaged hair. Try Fudge Professional Damage Rewind, this is a great combo to start reversing the damage in your hair and getting it back to looking it’s best. Plus containing OPTI-PLEX technology It makes your hair 90% stronger in just one use.


Leave in treatments

A great way to add more moisture in is with leave in conditioners and treatments, this will really help boost the moisture in the hair. Try the Fudge Professional One Shot, this is an amazing product that will really boost your hair.



For me the key is to make sure the products you are using are there to support what you are trying to achieve, avoid using anything that is designed to remove moisture as this will amplify the problem and dry out more. Here are my go-to ones to look at.

Fudge Professional Blowdry Aqua Primer

Everyone can use this and it’s such a clever product, working similar to a makeup primer it gets your hair ready for whatever. However, this is a clever product in that it does so many different things from heat protection, to hold and shine and importantly anti-frizz. One of the big benefits is that it contains hyaluronic acid that repairs your hair both inside and out. The bonus is its incredibly lightweight, so you won’t even feel it there.


Fudge Professional Aqua Shine Serum

This is a great lightweight serum that will boost moisture and control within your hair and keep it looking great. Especially at the ends of your hair where it can look and feel damaged.


Fudge Professional Curl Revolution Mist

This is perfect people who have curly hair or wish to air dry their hair. This is a spray that really helps contain and control curls and waves and boost condition without giving you crispy crunchy curls.

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