Cheeky Ad Campaign is Revealed as Hair Product

Mark Hill Hair has unveiled its new jumbo waver styling tool with a bold ad campaign that took over London and Nottingham.

The brand’s campaign was displayed on billboards and buses across Nottingham, where the brand’s headquarters are located. It also went on the road, with digital advans visiting London landmarks such as Big Ben, The London Eye, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, and Piccadilly Circus.

The eye-catching ads featured the bubble-shaped, bigger version of Mark Hill Hair’s best-selling barrel and signature hot pink branding. The ads also played on the fact that the brand’s styling tools are often confused with sex toys.

A consumer survey conducted before the campaign showed that 64% of UK adults thought the jumbo waver was a sex toy when they saw an image of it.

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After the suggestive feedback, Mark Hill Hair teamed up with Love Island star Chloe Burrows, who used a megaphone to explain the true purpose of the product on the streets of London.

The five-figure marketing campaign aims to increase awareness of the new styling barrel, using provocative messaging to attract consumers. Mark Hill Hair has launched the 32mm jumbo waver in response to customer demand for its original textured waver barrel which allows customers to create salon-quality, textured beach waves at home.

The campaign not only emphasized that the styling tool is not a sex toy, but also challenged the taboo around buying and using these items. With the research finding that 65% of people think there is a stigma around owning a sex toy, Mark Hill Hair wanted to break stereotypes and help people feel confident about how they feel, look and live.

Jumbo Textured Waver
The Jumbo Textured Waver

Gemma Montgomery-Dickens, marketing director at Mark Hill Hair said: “We want to position Mark Hill Hair as a brand that breaks the rules, disrupts the industry, and stands out from the crowd, and this campaign does exactly that. Instead of showing static images around the city we have collaborated with a reality TV star to address the taboos of self-love.

“When choosing the advert design, we wanted to embrace the fact that our styling tools can be mistaken as sex toys, capturing attention and also helping to break the taboo. Together we will turn taboos into conversation starters and create a space for open discussions on what really makes us shine.”

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