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The 1st December LSE live show is brought to you from the NEW Stafford’s home – a Gothic French mansion in Sheffield South Yorkshire.

The cut that Lee Stafford will be demonstrating is a potent swashbuckling cocktail of the outrageous 80’s and the fierce British 13th century. Tune in for fun, frolics and a look not to be missed! 💕

We are going PORTRAIT! = Head over to Lee’s instagram page.
We are trying a new format –
The live show will be direct through

Don’t panic, it doesn’t matter if you don’t ‘Do’ Instagram
We will be streaming live at the same time on our facebook channel so you won’t miss a thing!! Click the interested link to get a notification when we go live.

We have some great special guests lined up (To be revealed later.) Including yourself of course. Everyone is invited. Live hair cutting, chat & inspiration in one room. What more could you want? We kick off on Sunday, December 1st at 6 pm. We have three GREAT guests lined up for the show and I know they will inspire you onto the next chapter of your hair careers.

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