On Trend: Split Bangs by cutting expert, Callum Standen-May

Split bangs are a perfect way for clients to add a more contemporary touch to their hair and give it an instant update for the season whilst also framing their face.

The beauty of split bangs is that they are a lot less maintenance than a regular fringe and require minimal upkeep. For clients to style their bangs at home, they should simply use a round brush and hairdryer with the nozzle pointing downwards to dry their bangs straight and keep them smooth and free from frizz. If they want to give them further smoothness and shine, they can go over them with heated styling irons and can then finish with a smoothing oil to give them a more polished appearance. However, equally, split bangs look great when left to air dry if your client prefers a more natural, ‘I woke up like this’ style. This can be finished by spritzing in some texture spray or mousse into damp hair before allowing to air dry and scrunching in with fingers for a messier take on the trend.

For clients whose bangs get greasy from touching them regularly, a dry shampoo is the perfect product to recommend to absorb excess oils and refresh their bangs between washes. It will also provide some volume, which looks great with this style. Another great thing about this style is that as the bangs grow out they will still look beautiful and will seamlessly blend into the client’s hair.

I love the cool girl, 70s vibe this hair trend gives off and that the style is so versatile – clients can wear their hair down and super straight and sleek or more effortless and natural. Hair ups with split bangs also looks incredibly chic, particularly when the bangs are paired with a ponytail or loose bun.

This hairstyle trend is also becoming more popular due to it looking incredible paired with colour. Clients can have their split bangs coloured lighter for the summer season to give their hair a sun kissed look and to further frame their face and allow their features, particularly their eyes, to really pop.

When creating this look for a client, always take into consideration their face shape. For those with round face shapes they should have their bangs thinner and wispier in appearance to soften and balance their features. Heart face shapes will want a similar look to this, as blunt bangs will accentuate their jaw line. For square face shapes this trend looks great worn shorter, allowing the bangs to give the illusion of an elongated face. Oval face shapes can pull of any look of bangs, however, heavier blunt bangs look particularly gorgeous on this face shape. In general, if the client has a longer shaped forehead it’s best to choose bangs longer in length to balance this and if they have a shorter forehead, a shorter style of bangs is a great choice to create the appearance of a more elongated forehead.

So many celebrities have worn this look recently, including the likes of Selena Gomez, Rhianna, JLo and Camilla Cabello – the list is endless. This hair look is definitely here to stay and I think we will see a lot more celebs showing off their gorgeous bangs this summer season.

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