Let’s Hydrate our Hair for Autumn

JOANA NEVES from ALTERNA EUROPE shares her top 5 for the cooler season

The cold weather during the autumn/winter months can cause our clients hair to become dry and brittle whilst also lacking lustre. With that in mind, the most important thing we as stylists can recommend to our clients during the autumn/winter months, aside from regular trims to keep hair free from split ends, is to use good quality moisturising hair products that will keep hair from looking and feeling parched and instead, healthy, smooth and full of shine.

Joana Neves, Editorial Director at ALTERNA Europe
Joana Neves, Editorial Director at ALTERNA Europe

My top 5 products for the autumn/winter months to recommend to clients are:

1.      A good quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner. ALTERNA Caviar Moisture Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner are two of my favourite products that can be used daily to provide moisture back into the hair. With added Caviar and Seasilk the products replenish the hair and seal in moisture allowing hair to instantly look and feel healthier.

2.      A treatment/mask. An essential during autumn/winter to give hair deep hydration. The ALTERNA My Hair. My Canvas. Restore Rituals Cool Hydrations Masque is my go to, which is perfect for the autumn/winter months, as it not only gives hydration to the hair but it also reduces breakage, frizz and static, which clients hair can be prone to during the colder months.

3.      A serum. A serum is a handy product to have in the autumn/winter months, as it can be applied on the go and on dry or damp hair to provide the hair with more moisture. ALTERNA have recently launched their new Caviar Moisture Intensive Ceramide Shots that are serum based and these are perfect for clients to keep in their bag whilst on the go and to easily apply to their hair when it’s lacking a bit of life. The capsules provide everything client’s hair could possibly want adding moisture and hydration to the hair, boosting strength, condition and overall hair health, repairing damage and reducing frizz and adding shine and smoothness to the hair. They also provide thermal protection up to 232 degrees making them great to apply to the hair prior to blow-drying and styling to protect the hair and avoid any further damage.

4.      A dry shampoo. Over-washing is one thing we need to talk to our clients more about, as this can strip their hair of its natural oils and leave it looking dull in appearance and feeling a lot less healthy. To absorb excess oil between washes, clients should use a dry shampoo such as the My Hair. My Canvas. Meltaway No-Rinse Micellar Cleanser to absorb oil and sweat from the hair and break down product residue making hair feel instantly shower clean.

5.      A product for frizz! One of my favourites is from the Blowout Butter from the Caviar Anti Frizz range. By going outside into the cold weather and coming inside with the central heating on our hair can be a lot more prone to frizz in the autumn/winter months and therefore a good frizz fighting product is key! One of my current favourites is the ALTERNA Caviar Anti-Aging Smoothing Anti-Frizz Blowout Balm, the perfect product for taming coarse and frizzy hair and to seal in moisture, shine and smoothness. The product also protects from humidity and heat styling avoiding more damage being done to the hair.

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