Summer Styling Feature

Summer 2021 has finally arrived and it’s time to embrace the now and enjoy the world once again. With events and occasions allowed to happen, now is the time to embrace hair styling, ensuring your skills and techniques are ready for the influx of wedding, party and overall gorgeous hair looks.

ALTERNA Europe Editorial Director Joana Neves, is known for her incredible skills and style creations, which have been published in magazines around the world. Here, Joana talks us through some of her favourite styling looks and gives us key steps on how to achieve them.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Everyone loves texture in their hair and this trend has become hugely popular with clients and stylists following a year of ponytails and lack of creativity. Embracing the natural texture of the hair is a joy to see and using the correct products is key to creative the perfect look.

1.        Prep the hair with Caviar Anti-Aging Multiplying Shampoo and Conditioner. Perfect for all hair types, these products will help boost the volume, whilst protecting the colour and condition of the hair.

2.        Next, take the My Hair. My Canvas. Soaring High Volumizing BlowOut Mist and evenly distribute throughout the hair, from root to ends.

3.         Blowdry the hair into the chosen style, focussing on the root area to give the style a lift, or leave to dry naturally.


Beautiful braids

Isn’t this style absolutely beautiful? I can’t get enough of it! This look can be worn day and night and is very relaxed. However, it can be worn more sleek and simple too, depending on the overall theme of the full look.



To recreate this look;

1.      Section the hair from the middle parting into two

2.      Taking your first section, begin loosely braiding this using the normal braiding method in three sections

3.      Braid ¾ of the way down and secure using a transparent hair tie.

4.      Next, loosen different sections of the braid, again working with this too suit the overall theme of the look. For this look we opted for a very relaxed, beach inspired look.

5.      Repeat steps 3 and 4.

6.      Take two small sections at the front of the hair and lightly tong.


The braided crown

This look is just amazing, it’s so simply yet so creative. Although very relaxed, it’s a look that can be worn at any event or occasion and can be tailored to suit the individual.

braided crown


To recreate this look;

1. Evenly distribute My Hair. My Canvas. Another Day Dry Shampoo throughout the hair. Allow to settle and then massage into the hair. This adds a beautiful texture and volume to the hair, whilst also keeping it fresh!

2. Next, brush the hair towards the left of the head, creating one large section.

3. Take your first 3 sections and intertwine them as a braid, taking a new section each time, to create a continuous braid. Braid around the head, finishing towards the right of the head. Secure with a hair tie and bobby pin.

4. Blend the end of the braid into the beginning of the braid, to create a continuous flow.

5. Take each section of the braid and loosen off as required to create the finished look.

6. Finish with My Hair. My Canvas. Glow Crazy Shine Booster.

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