How to Use Hair Paste like a Pro

Guest post from Mike at WiseBarber this week.

WiseBarber’s 4-Steps Guide On How To Use Hair Paste Like A Pro

Having hair paste in your grooming kit is one thing, applying it right is another.


Hair paste adds a mild firmness, low shine, and natural matte finish to the hair. Unlike wax and pomade, it’s easier to achieve the desired hairstyle with a paste and to restyle without limits: Regardless of your hair length and texture.


A multitude of gentlemen isn’t having the best experiences of styling with hair pastes. And this is for two possible reasons;

  • They are making the wrong choice of hair paste
  • Or applying the product the wrong way.

Or both.

Anyway, for problem number one, I have created a buying guide plus an A-list of WiseBarber’s hair pastes. For problem number two, follow the 4 steps below to style your hair with hair paste like a pro stylist.

Step 1) Shampoo-Wash The Hair



Even if your hair is product-free by the time you want to apply hair paste, shampoo-washing is a crucial pre-styling step.


Well, inside our heads are sebaceous glands that lubricate our hair with natural oil. And just like any other lubricant, this oil attracts dust bags and grime.

So, let’s wash those away with a shampoo:

  • Saturate the hair with warm water.
  • Work a considerable amount of shampoo into the hair to form lather.
  • Lightly scrub the lather into the scalp to get rid of sticky grime and dead cells.
  • Rinse the scalp and hair with clean cool water.

Moving on:

Step 2) Activate The Right Amount Of Hair Paste

Rule number one:

If you want to achieve softness and a matte finish, apply a paste to dry hair. Otherwise, for a buttoned-up firm hold, paste-style your when it’s damp.

Get it?

Now, take a dime-sized hair paste and rub it vigorously between your two palms until it becomes invisible. This is called activating the paste for high performance.

Next up:

Step 3) Apply The Activated Hair Paste

Take note:

The goal is to make sure that every strand of hair receives an equal share of paste. By so doing, you can achieve an all-round uniform texture, matte finish, and volume across the hair.

To do this:

With the activated paste, rake your hair from the front hairline to the extreme of the back where the hair-growth stops. Now, rake back in the opposite reaction.


For a stronger hold, the root of each hair strand must get a fair amount of the product.

To do this:

With the activated paste, grab a handful of hair strands from the root and gently rake upward until all is covered.

Final step:

Step 4) Style Your Hair

Always remember:

Styling a Taper Fade is different from how you apply hair paste to a Quiff. So, before grabbing a comb, understand the style you’re shooting for.


To style medium hair for volume and texture, blow-dry the hair with a blow dryer at a low setting as you brush it upward with a piece of comb. However, all you have to do is brush short hair.

In Conclusion

It’s how well you apply the right hair pomade that makes all the difference.

And what does the proper application of hair pomade entail?

Well, it means prepping your hair and applying the right amount of activated pomade in the right direction.


If you have further questions, leave them in the comment section below and I will be quick to respond.

Until then:

#Staysafe and keep looking great.

Barber Mike.

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