Choosing a Hairdresser? Then Here Are 4 Problems to Avoid

So why do you guess people go on the internet and do a search for things to avoid when choosing a hairdresser?

People do a search for many things on the net. Sometimes they’re just surfing for fun or curiosity. But mostly it’s because there is something they really want, some need to be satisfied. They are almost always pursuing 1 of 2 different objectives. These are pleasure-seeking, which is: searching for pleasure, enjoyment, gain or profit, understanding or enlightenment, etc. or pain avoidance: seeking to prevent sickness, loss, pain, problems, costs, etc.

People who had both positive and negative motivations will make searches on things to avoid when choosing a hairdresser. In this informative article we will focus only on the negative side. We’ll examine “Pain Avoidance” and discuss the three things, points or mistakes you would like to be most careful to avoid.

The introduction and prologue here is if you choose and instruct your hairdresser well you will be given the hairstyle you want, at the price you want it, without harm to your hair condition.

You also need to know a few of the specifics of this problem. Items like understanding how hairdressers assess you hair styling needs, and how you can help them give you the cut, (and any other styling such as hair coloring, straightening or waving) to suite you best.

Now, what do we need to avoid here? And just why would we need to avoid these things?

If you are dealing with someone new who has not cut your hair before they will want to impress you with their flare for style, but it may not be a style you will like, then you had best be very clear about what you really want to avoid possible disappointment.

Now, following that preamble, let us discuss the three things you most aspire to avoid:

To begin with, we have all probably heard or witnessed a person who has come out of a hairdresser’s salon with a haircut and styling which is, completely alien to their normal character, and look – and they express dismay and even shock. Some may even have their beautiful long hair cut short without realizing that the stylish would do that.

The times when this occurs most often is when the client, being asked about their hair preferences, answers that they are seeking something different, and says “yes” while sitting in the hairdresser’s chair, without appreciating just what the stylist is about to do.

So, just how this first problem be avoided?

Take care not to be rushed by the hairdresser to make a hasty decision on big hairstyle changes. Ask them to see, a photograph of the hair style they are suggesting, even if only to give yourself more time to think. And, if in doubt at all, just say that you will think about it and consider asking for that new cut and style at your next visit..

Second, avoid spending more than you intended at the hairdressers. Don’t be slow to ask what is included in the price you have been given, and if more services are offered as the session continues, ask again about what is included in the price already given to you..

And, tell me, just why’s that? It happens because during a salon session, we all get distracted from the cost when thinking about all the other things to do with our hair.

And, third, tipping can be a further cost which is un-anticipated until you reach the till at the pay-station.

How can we know what is considered enough? You may of course ask, but in most cases and additional 10% to 15% tip will suffice, assuming that you have been pleased by your hairdresser/stylist.

Fourth, avoid excess hair treatment especially frequent perms and hair coloring, which may dry out your hair and cause it to lose its health.. The true reason for this is your hairdresser makes his or her business profits from maximising the services and hair treatments he sells you. They may not, as a result, always be the best advisor on when to stop hair treatments to allow the hair to recover its condition.

Just how do we tell if this is enough for avoidance of hairdresser disappointments.? Is quite hard to judge, but you should know your hair, and look out to protect it, if its condition becomes dry and/or split-ends appear in large numbers..

Through the elimination of these negatives, you accentuate the remaining positives. By avoiding the negative issues that could possibly rob you of success, you guarantee yourself of a better shot at the positive benefits that may be associated with the 4 things to avoid when choosing a hairdresser.

Author: Steve Evans
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