App designed for the salon hair stylist

Stylogic hair style customer profile page on iPhone X.

The Stylogic App is a tool that has been designed specially for the salon stylist. It helps you manage your client profiles, keeping track of every visit, taking notes and storing information such as colour mix, allergy test as well as taking photos of each visit. This helps the stylist to review the customers visits and view styles from previous times.

The App is initially free to download from the App Store and save up to 6 clients and 6 visits for each to get a feel of how the App works. After that there is a small charge that will allow you to save unlimited clients and visits.

It comes packed with features which are listed below.

Client – Set up customer profiles. name, email and contact details.

Induction form – list of questions to ask new and existing customers to help build a profile image of the styling habits. You don’t need to ask all the questions and can be viewed and edited at any time.

Visit – Create new visits for each client. A list of visits can be scrolled through on the client profile page.

Photos – Take photos of each visit to keep track of the hair style created for that visit. Option to take 4 angles (Front, back and sides).

Colour card – Option to add colour breakdown for each visit so you can easily go back to a previous colour cards used before.

Allergy test – Certain products need to be tested regularly to ensure they do not create an allergic reaction for the client. You can list the products tested and set the Allergy test period in the settings page when the products should be retested. By default this is set to 6 months. When the allergy test is out of date the the Allergy Test button will turn red and a reminder to inform you that the client needs a retest. The date is set to the day you save the Allergy text. So if you edit and reserve then the new date will be set for the date of saving.

Share – You can export your photos from the App by using the share button. This creates a combined image of your 4 photos and allows you to save to your own devices photo library, send via email and share on social media.

Download the free App for iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store.

AvailAble on the App Store

Customer hair styles view on app


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