What Makes a Successful Hairdresser?

A lot of women place a lot of value on their hair. This is why they will always choose someone who offers them excellent dos and makes them look great. Hairdressing is a very appropriate career for people who understand how vital a haircut or dye can change the life of a person. This career is also fantastic for those people who enjoy experimenting with the hair and trying out different hairstyles.

It would be correct to say that it is a very demanding career and it requires the hairstylist to understand what it takes to nail it and be successful. The following are some of the skills that you have to possess in order to become an excellent hairdresser;

  • Gain technical hairdressing skills

The best way of attaining the basic hairdressing skills such as cutting, dying, styling, setting, and dressing is going to a beauty school. There are different programs available, depending on the region you want to work in. For instance, in the UK, people willing to work as hair stylists have to attend a cosmetology program that has been approved by the government. These programs are usually nine to twenty-four months long.

For those who don’t have the time or money to enroll in cosmetology school, have no fear! There are online courses to help you, some even offer a certification after you successfully finish the course.

Nevertheless whether you went to a paid cosmetology school, paid online courses or even YTU (YouTube University) always remember to never stop learning. One of the significant mistakes that hair stylists make is failing to attend classes after they have completed their training and started working. Continued learning ensures that you are updated on the new styling techniques thus offering the best services to your clients.

  • Have the right tools

All the time, customers will be expecting to walk into a comfortable and fully-furnished salon. In addition to that, your staff will also require you to provide the right working equipment which includes  hairdressing scissors whether those might be thinning shears, swivel shears, straight cut shears or simply the whole professional hairdressing scissors set, shampoo, conditioner and other hair treatment needs that you offer, flat irons, hair dryers, and round brushes. Having the right tools improves the quality of your work.

  • Excellent customer service

You need to know how to treat your clients right, even if you are the most talented hairstylist in the whole world. Your success in this field depends on the type of customer service you offer from the reception, consultation and to the other stages. You can consider attending classes that educate you on effective communication skills, handling clients with different behavior and maintaining professionalism with the people you serve. You need to be ready to communicate effectively and share ideas and opinions with your customers. The challenge for hairdressers is to be confident enough to share an honest opinion of the client’s expectation to what is achievable, based on what you have to work with, whilst at the same time maintaining confidence and trust with each salon guest.

  • Effective teamwork

Working as a team is another part of the apprentice set. It helps you to not only develop yourself in this field but also to set goals and achieve them together with the other members of the group. According to business experts, teamwork is essential in every career, and this is why an apprentice in hairdressing should focus on building a strong relationship with the workmates and the clients.

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