Hairdressing NVQ – Is it the Fastest Way to Land a Hairdressing Job?

Ex-servicewomen learning manicure techniquesIf you are planning on a career in hairdressing then you are going to have to be determined to complete the NVQ’s. This simply means the National Vocational Qualification. In Scotland, it is called the SVQ, but means the same thing.

The qualifications standards are covered over a series of five levels. Each level has a higher competency demand and as you satisfactorily complete one level, you move onto the next. These five levels are designed to cover all of the requirements and aspects of hairdressing.

To begin with, you will start at level one. To complete each level you are required to answer on the job assessment questions and demonstrate your abilities. Level one is mostly comprised of support to the technicians within the salon, by performing shampoos and any other assignments they give you. This is your first real introduction to hairdressing and the salon atmosphere. Completing Level one does not qualify you as a hairdresser, but it does give you the credentials to move onto Level 2. At the completion of this level, successfully you are competent to take a junior position at the Salon. Here your duties will be expanded although still supervised and reviewed. Once you have accomplished a level you are ready to proceed onto the NVQ level three.

This third level makes what you are doing much more exciting and the work you completed in level 1 and 2 now becomes well worth the effort you put into it.

In order to be a competent and successful hairdresser successful completion of this level is a necessity. It’s at this level that you are able to work independently and perform the technical skills that a hairdressing profession demands. You will now be partaking in fashion cutting. At this level, you will expand and utilize all of the knowledge that you gained during one and two.

If you have the desire some day to become part of salon management or even own, your own Salon then completion of level three is mandatory. You can progress from this level to an even higher platform by going onto the NVQ Level 4. Here not only are your technical skills expanded but it’s where you learn business management. A most definite requirement if you are going to become your own boss.

Gaining your NVQ Level 3 is normally the most desired level to be at by hairdressers who want to be successful. This enables you to perform technical skills, for example, fashion cutting, and expands greatly on the skills and knowledge that would have been acquired whilst undertaking Level 2. Level 3 needs to be gained if you would be looking to manage a salon or have your own.

The world of hairdressing is a most competitive industry. In order to keep you abreast and in tune with what is going on in the fashion world takes a lot of responsibility. The more training you have the more secured in your work you will be. Salons are always looking for the best especially in qualifications. Continuing education can be a real bonus in a competitive world.

Author: Toni Moretti
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