Beyonce’s Hot New Crop

Pop superstar Beyonce has gone for the chop, ditching her honey coloured tresses for a blonde pixie crop. This is a drastic change for Beyonce from her signature look, the long weave – maybe her recent run in with a wind machine forced her to re think? Or maybe as a busy mother she wanted something less fussy to style…


Beyonce’s Hot New Crop
Beyonce’s Hot New Crop

Former London Hairdresser of the Year Karine Jackson says “This really suits Beyonce, but looks as though it’s been born from extensions coming out and the hair possibly being damaged underneath, so needing a bit of a cut. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her with long hair again. It’s a nice shape and suits her bone structure – I always think short hair really accents someone’s star quality and Beyonce just looks show stopping as always. I’d style it differently though, with a bit more product to make it more polished and give it more texture as the cut itself is a bit mundane and boyish which is what makes me think it’s an in between stage rather than a definite style she’ll stick with. Roots show up more dramatically on short crops and while they look cool around the front of the head, the regrowth at the back is a bit of a dramatic line – it’s worth keeping in mind on a shortie that all over colour looks amazing but there’s some very regular upkeep needed.”


British Colourist of the Year Ken Picton says “Going from very long to very short is such a dramatic change and Beyonce shows how fantastic it can look – this is a celeb staple now as seen on Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams among others and an amazing way to reinvent your image. Short hair suits cute, petite features so is one to avoid if your nose, jawline or ears are anything other than uniform. Round faces who want a short cut should include lots of angles and a pointy fringe shaping into points over the ears to give the face definition; on square faces short hair looks best in a rounded cut with a sweeping fringe so don’t go this short; lucky old oval faces suit most hairstyles, so it’s more important to look at your features.”


dramatic change
Dramatic change

Colour and balayage expert Jack Howard said: “I love the fact she’s changed it up by taking the weave out but I don’t like the colour, it looks too yellow-orange blonde, but that would easily be fixed with something like one the new Inoa mochas which would look lovely with her skin tone.” would love to know what YOU think. Let us know in the comment section!

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