Sassoon Academy Collection 2015

The High Concept collection from Sassoon Academy has just been released.

The Inspiration

1951: outsider author J.D Salinger writes The Catcher in the Rye pitching the rebellious teen Holden Caulfield against the privileged elite of Ivy League. Caulfield represents the new mood of the post-war decade, a rebel refusing to accept the outdated conventions of American culture.

 The Style

2015: The Sassoon Academy new collection The Group takes inspiration from Salinger’s iconic novel creating a space where Ivy League socialites meet the misfits of Beat.  Wholesome jocks and Vassar girls fit for a yacht in Hyannisport elide against the rebellious Karma Bums. Colours cover the spectrum of blonde from sun-kissed and sea-sprayed through to down and out dirty; cuts veer from clean-cut barbered elegance to textured dishevelment with fins and feathers of offbeat disconnection.

This is Sassoon. This is Hair Design.

The Group_LR_11


The sartorial icon of the Vassar girl is the touchstone for a series of sophisticated offset shapes that fall in waves around the face in shades of soignee honey blonde, amber and gold.



A clean-cut streamlined Kennedys inspired look using classic barbering techniques on a ground of crisp white linen blonde strengthened with awkward partings.



Ivy style is subverted by the subterranean culture of beat Zen as Kerouac’s rebellious outsiders work a matte fur-like texture within natural hairlines. Internal cutting creates the shape with lupine colours of violet and grey.

The Group_LR_7


 The Creative Team

Hair:  The International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes

Colour: The International Creative Team led by Peter Dawson

Make-up: Daniel Koleric

Styling: Lucie Perrier

Photographer: Colin Roy

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