The Hairdresser From Hell

When I go to the hairdressers (or rather when she comes to me- she’s mobile you see) I put my trust, and hair, in her “capable” hands. For the 30 or so minutes she takes on my hair, I have no control of that goes on (and that scares me!) I’ve heard so many shocking stories about hairdressing disasters which I shall share with you, so you don’t end up a victim of ruined hair because of your negligent hairdresser! But if you are one of these poor, unfortunate people, then read on and I will try to help you with any problems or answer any questions your need to know. ENJOY!

My Experience
And it’s not a good one!

I was just sitting there in my chair, minding my own business, quite enjoying my hair getting cut. Two minutes later, and boy had my opinion changed! I felt a very sharp pain on the left side of my shoulder and when I looked down to see blood everywhere I nearly passed out at the thought! My hairdresser had sneezed at the same time as holding the scissors up to my hair and had stabbed through my shoulder with the sharp blade! She rushed around in a panic trying to find something to stop the bleeding, but her efforts were useless, and I ended up having 10 stitches on my shoulder! I could not believe she had been so negligent and unprofessional. I know sometimes you just have to sneeze, but we all get that tingling sensation, warning us- I guess my hairdresser just decided to ignore this and carry on with the hacking at my hair, and shoulder!

A Bit of Advice-
The most common cause of ruined hair by your hairdresser occurs when the hairdresser in distracted or lacking attention. Whilst they are talking about their nights out (or whatever it is hairdressers talk about) your hair and safety is not the sole focus of their attention. Burns and lacerations during this time of distraction are very common because sharp and hot tools/equipment is used such as tongs and scissors. Both injuries can cause tissue scaring and more severe cases can cause permanent disfiguring scars (some requiring surgery)- Now is that what you pay for when you go to the hairdressers?

Nasty Burns from Negligence

Chemical burns are a severe injury caused by a hairdresser. The symptoms include; swelling, itching, blistering and hair loss. A recent and very sad story in the news showed the most daunting reality from hairdresser’s negligence. A young girl in fact died from burns from chemicals used to dye her hair. A trainee hairdresser was asked to dye the young girl’s hair. She did not perform a skin test a number of hours before applying the dye and did not know the correct technique of applying the dye, the young girl died a few hours later at home as she had a such a harsh reaction to the hair dye.(Very tragic!) If not performed by a beauty treatment professional, these procedures are very dangerous and potentially life threatening. All tools, equipment and work stations must be checked for health and safety reasons. And most importantly, please make sure the hairdresser is legitimate and knows what they’re doing! (No more accidents)

People regularly ask, What should I do if my hairdresser ruined my hair? And I always suggest contacting a lawyer for sound legal advice. (Its the quickest and safest thing to do!)

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